The end of summer and a new year (or what I did on my summer vacation)

So that’s it for another Summer. I must admit it has been a rather spectacular sunny season up here in the North East and I’m very sad to see it go. For those of us with kids, September is really the start of our year and we here in Junkie-land have quite a full one on the horizon. We’ll be releasing Sing In My Meadow (Volume 3) on October 18th (lots more to come about that in the next few weeks); we get back on the road with a European tour in November and follow that up with the start of a North American tour in February; we’ll be recording and releasing Volume 4, The Wilderness, over the next few months (lots more to come on that); there’s also a new Lee Harvey Osmond record in the works and we’ll be releasing a new Ivy Mairi album this week (more to come on that in a couple of days). 2012 will also see the release of the Nomad Series book (which is going to be freakin’ fantastic) as well as many, many more goodies. So stick around, check back often and spread the word.

Although I spent most of this beautiful summer locked up in our stinky studio, I did get the opportunity to spend some time on a lake (which is what summer should be all about). And I managed to hook a really, really nice sized small mouth bass, on a lake on which I have never caught anything bigger than my toe, so my summer was complete. Photographic evidence below….(and for those of you who care about these things, I let the big guy go…..). So I’m ready to rock….let’s get this year underway.