Under Cover (June 2015) – Run For Your Life


Run For Your Life is one of those songs that could easily be left out of The Beatles catalogue and no one would care a wit. It appears at the end of Rubber Soul almost as an after-thought. To be quite honest, its just not that good a song, its the sort of thing Lennon could toss off between waking up and heading down to Abbey Road for the days session. We came across it when we were asked to cover a song off of Rubber Soul to celebrate its 40th birthday. The good songs were already taken so we settled on Run For Your Life and decided to try and test the old silk purse/sows ear saying. We had fun with it, the bass line and bass tone is killer, I like the gang background vocals and Margo does an excellent job at turning the gender tables.

Jerry came in to the studio and tossed off a handful of the dozens of cover tunes that he has in his repertoire. This one popped out with all of its beautifully jagged edges.