The Wilderness (volume 4) – Demons

Take a bit of Nebraska; a bit of Badlands; sprinkle in a couple of characters from The Caution Horses. Mix it together with my orange Resolectric and whisk in a fading Fall evening by Lake Ontario. And then pour it all into the mold formed by the attempted hard-wiring of a Catholic upbringing…and, voila…..Demons:

I was taught that there are
demons out there
so that’s what I believe.
You take away my demons
you take away my peace.

Broke my leg
at the age of twelve
couldn’t kneel beside the bed.
Learnt the lesson of habit
the prayers I left for dead.

Met him in
a corner booth
the jukebox at his side.
He took away all my quarters
he took me for a ride.

I saw his eyes
when the fires on
I never want that blaze to die.
If you take away the burning embers
you take away the burning sky.

If I could switch it
all around
I’d make you my very first kiss.
I’d take away the mystery
just to see what I missed.

I was taught that there are
demons out there
so that’s what I believe.

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