New songs added to ‘neath your covers, part 2

We’ve added three new cover songs to ‘neath your covers, part 2 in the Exclusive section of the site. Just click and scroll down until you find the section or you can access them directly through the players located at the bottom of this blog entry. You can listen for free and hopefully that will inspire you to throw a few bucks into our hat by downloading a song or two.

The songs we’ve added are two Neil Young songs, Don’t Let It Bring You Down and Love In Mind, which we performed at the Massey Hall tribute show. We recorded these during rehearsals for the show so we caught them in their early phase. We have been performing Don’t Let It Bring You Down at pretty much every concert over the past couple of months so it has already begun to spin in a different direction and it is quickly becoming one of our favourite live “moments” each night. I think Love In Mind is one of Neil’s hidden gems. It’s a very quirky song which he composed on piano and, as far as I know, played it exclusively as a solo piano piece, so we had to do a bit of re-arranging to transform it into a guitar based, band song. It’ one of those pining love songs inspired by the road (our contribution to that genre is At The End Of The Rainbow from the Miles From Our Home album. Its a hidden track…remember that craze….so you have to play Those Final Feet and use the player to advance forward) The third song that we’ve added is a cover of the Rolling Stones No Expectations. We were asked to contribute a song to an alt-country tribute to the Rolling Stones. We recorded Moonlight Mile for the album, but while we were at it we decided to also take a crack at No Expectations for the sheer fun of it (and also so that I could fool around with my newly purchased National Resolectric guitar). Once the tribute album is released (there is no fixed release date just yet but it will probably be this Fall) you will be able to listen to and purchase Moonlight Mile from this site as well, but in the meantime …there is No Expectations. Enjoy.