Sing In My Meadow reviews

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The Daily Telegraph: “..after a quarter century, the Cowboy Junkies are still producing music to challenge and engage…” “among the most brazen effort in the veteran band’s entire catalog…reverb and thick, corrosive riffs drive this thing, alternating between robust, menacing cuts and comparatively abstract, mood-driven ones..” “…the Junkies at their rawest and roughest…shows yet another side of the most versatile, underated bands of the last 25 years.”

No Depression: “ exciting glimpse into the bands depth and power..”

Paste: “..sounds like it would fit right in with their platinum records from early in their career…”

quick before it melts: “…few bands, have managed to keep challenging and pushing boundaries a quarter century after forming the way that Cowboy Junkies have…”