Sing In My Meadow available now!!

Welcome to Sing In My Meadow day! The new album is available today through our site and at a selective few independent record stores throughout North America (it will be available in the UK/Europe next week). It will also be available digitally, over the coming weeks, at all of the big internet digital download stores.

If you are only interested in the digital version you can buy it here, for the next week, for just $2.99. Before purchasing it make sure that you check out the other bundles available. The album is available on CD and on vinyl. Also available is a Bonus EP of live tracks recorded on the 2006 Paths Taken tour and a very limited edition Sing In My Meadow t-shirt.

If you haven’t been here in a while please check out the Clubhouse Subscription. For a very modest price you can download all four volumes of the Nomad Series as well as all of the downloadable music on our site (which includes hundreds of recordings not available elsewhere) and we will send you the Nomad Series book which we will be releasing in early 2012 after the release of Volume 4. If you are already a Clubhouse member you can get the new album now, inside the Clubhouse (and we thank you, once again, for your generous patronage).

Or you can just hang around and listen to it for free…..pass the word, “Happy Sing In My Meadow Day!!”.