Welcome to the new site

Welcome to my first blog post everyone and welcome to the new site. As is mentioned above, this site will eventually become the official Junkies site (once we get a bit more comfortable with it) and the other one will be closed down. We are pretty excited about the potential of the site because we can pretty much run it directly, without having to rely on too much IT support, which will mean that we can get relevant news and info to you right away and, most importantly, the site is focused around music. The new software platform that we are using will make it easier for us to get you new recordings in a much more timely and efficient manner.


This home page and this blog will be the center for everything that is happening in the CJ universe and every time we add something new to the site, whether it is a tour date, new download, new video, new Margo bobble-head doll, you will read about it first, here in the blog. The blog will also become the de facto Tour Diary…in other words, bookmark this page.


The site is pretty straight forward and is navigated through tabs at the top of the page. Some new things that we have added is the Video section and, of course, the Music and Exclusives section. The Music section is where you will find all of the music that we have released through “official” channels, which is basically our studio albums and concert DVDs. In the Exclusives section you will find music that is extremely hard to find or, more than likely, not available (through legal means) anywhere outside of this site. Take some time to scroll through the Exclusive section as there is a lot of material and this is where most of the “between album” material will be posted.  A lot of the downloads that are currently on the site are the same ones that were on the old Latent Recordings site (there is a lot of new stuff in the pipeline), although all of the music on the entire Latent site has been re-formatted into a much higher quality mp3 (320kps). Any music downloaded from this site can be played by any music software that you choose to use (yes, it can be played in itunes, just drag and drop). Some new stuff that has already been added is Margos’ Corner which has some songs that Margo has recorded over the years outside of Cowboy Junkies. There are also a few new songs in the Acoustic Junk section (these are the same that are on the Acoustic Junk CD that we have been selling at concerts). In any case, every music section and every album has a music player so you can listen to whatever interests you.


Also coming very soon is something that we are calling “The Clubhouse” (which happens to be the name of our studio). We are about to begin work, in earnest, on our next album. “The Clubhouse” package will allow you virtual access inside the studio, where, through video, photos, blog posts and mostly music you will be able to follow the twists and turns of the making of the album…but more on that at a later date.


There is more to say and more to come….so keep posted…..this blogging is exhausting…please take the time to do some exploring.