Tour Diary – Whitehorse, Yukon (April 23, 2013)

It was a long journey, but well worth it. The air alone is worth the trip. Whitehorse is much like any northern town in any northern country that we have had the pleasure of visiting. Canada, Norway, Sweden, Alaska…these towns are spare, built to take on the elements, low, squat buildings without a whole lot of ornamentation. These towns usually have their fair share of hippies and other counter-culture elements, people who don't want to deal with the goings on of the crazy world to the south or have found themselves anchored here for a myriad of reasons. It's these displaced souls, that spice these communities with brew pubs, cafe's and independent book stores, locally owned businesses that certain types of communities can grow up around. But ultimately, its all about the wilderness….it gets into your blood and you stay….or it drives you crazy and chases you away. I think I could put in some time up here, alone, without the pressure to compete….maybe in my next life.

We had the night off last night and spent it exploring the various bars that Whitehorse has to offer. Unfortunately Monday night is an off night in Whitehorse and most restaurants and bars were closed, but the few that were open did the trick. Eventually Jared, John and Jeff ended up in a game of “name that pelt” with the locals…it's a long story, but Jared won a pin and Jeff fondled a Beaver.

The show tonight was at the Yukon Arts Center and has been sold out for many many weeks. It's always fun to play places like this, where we have never performed not even within several hundred miles and the chances are that the show is a first for most of the audience. We had a pretty good show tonight, it wasn't completely locked in, but it was the type of show that probably came off ok out front. We had a tough time interpreting the audience, they seemed to be enjoying themselves but it was hard for us to figure out their trigger and we never felt like we truly had them. We head back south tomorrow, to Victoria, in search of warm weathe

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