Tour Diary – Waterville, ME (August 11, 2012)

I think the TV filming really took it out of us. It was a slightly gloomy overcast day in Waterville and we all seemed to be dragging our asses around all day. Al went for a bike ride and I spent some time on the banks of the Kennebec River which flowed right past the venues back door. The smallmouth bass were keen to play, so I had a fun time. I landed three small guys and must have jousted with at least half a dozen of their friends. Nothing too big, but the smallmouth know how to fight…so it was a good afternoon. The venue was the newly restored Waterville Opera House. Another beautiful little theater which has been loving restored. The renovation plans also took in to account the musicians and created a large, clean and functional backstage area. We had no energy for the show, as I said, I think the TV filming sucked out any remaining juice. Margo was dealing with a splitting headache and the band kept it all in a very low revving gear. The audience was also a little subdued (they probably took their cue from us), but they were listening. It was a hard show for me to gauge, I think we played well, but it never really caught fire, and sometimes that is ok.