Tour Diary – Sudbury, Ont (June 27, 2012)

I never left the parking lot today. Even Al couldn’t find a trail that excited him. We watched an excruciatingly boring game between Spain and Portugal, Spain winning a nil –nil draw on penalty kicks. This was the match-up that had everyone salivating: the reigning World and Euro Champions vs the most-handsome-man-in-the-world. There was suppose to be fireworks, instead, we got 90 minutes of very fit Iberians rolling around on the grass. The overtime had a handful of exciting moments, which just made you wonder why they hadn’t been playing like that all game….and then the dreaded shoot-out, in which the-most-handsome-man-in-the-world didn’t even get a chance to take a shot. It was almost as boring as the NHL finals. Tomorrow is the semi-final between Germany and Italy. Chances are that Italy is going to go into a defensive shell, try to survive the German onslaught, and play for the draw. Here’s hoping that Germany scores early and forces Italy to push forward a bit. Our neighborhood back home in TO must be insane with anticipation.
It was an odd day today because of the long overnight drive from Thunder Bay. The load-in was delayed by hours, so we had a perfunctory soundcheck. I had a completely unfocused gig tonight, perhaps the seventh show in seven nights creeping up on me. I’ll need to dig a little deeper to get through the next three. Despite the lack of snap in the show the audience was great and for that we are grateful. It’s a short ride tonight which means that the bus will be standing still for most of the night, which means there is a possibility of a few uninterrupted hours of sleep…it’s the little things.