Smackdown in Toronto

WWE’s Smackdown came to the ACC in Toronto last night and me and Margo, my two youngest, and Margo’s son Ed, were all in attendance. It was a great night of scantily clad babes, greased up beefcake, too loud music, low and high drama, overpriced merch, pyro and more pyro and lots of great athleticism. We saw Randy Orton, Mark Henry, Shamus, Sin Cara, The Miz, R-Truth, Beth Phoenix, Chris Stratus, Daniel Bryant, Cody Rhodes, and too many more to mention (my fave wrestler these days is CM Punk but he is currently on the Raw roster so he wasn’t on the bill). To top it all off it was Edge Appreciation Night. As you no doubt know, Edge had to retire last year, after Wrestlemania, as the reigning Heavy Weight Champion, because of a on-going spinal injury. Edge is a proud Torontonian and so we gave him a big send off last night…yes, there were tears. I love the WWE. Margo and I decided that getting to a Wrestlemania has to go on our must-do list. I guess we’ll need to do it before the kids get too much older….then again, maybe we’ll save it until were in our 60’s and we don’t have the kids as an excuse to attend…keep it weird and surreal.