new album “Songs of the Recollection”

We are excited to announce a new album, “Songs of the Recollection” which you can pre-order from our web store today and which will be available everywhere on March 25th. It’s a collection of cover songs, some of which have been available on previous tribute albums, some that we dug out of our archive and some that we recorded specifically for this album, but all of which connects us to our past and helps to define our present. Long before we were musicians, we were music fans. We didn’t grow up sitting around the kitchen table playing instruments and harmonizing. We grew up sitting around the record player listening to each other’s record collections and having our minds blown by what we were listening to. This was the passion and experience that we shared. These are some of the songs and some of the artists that have found their way into our lives and eventually into our repertoire over the past fifty years. Enjoy!

Pre-order CD and Vinyl from CJ store here

Pre-order from other retailers (probably cheaper if you’re in UK/Europe)