Renmin Park available now!!

Finally it is here, our new album Renmin Park. This is the only place that you can buy the album, for the time being. It will be made available for wider release in mid-June. But for now, we sure could use your support. The player to the right will stream the entire album free of charge. You can also post the player on your own Facebook or My Space page or share it with anyone that you feel might be interested in the album (just click the share button on the player). We are also now offering the Clubhouse Subscription which includes Renmin Park and all of the other downloadable music on this site and much more, so please click on the “Clubhouse Subscription” panel above to get all the details.  If you choose to purchase Renmin Park as a digital download you can do so as a high-end 320 mbps MP3 or as an Apple Lossless MP4 (both are compatible with itunes) or in the high fidelity FLAC format (the download also includes all of the lyrics and some of the charts. Please don’t choose FLAC unless you are familiar with the format); If you choose to purchase it as a CD it will be mailed out to you no later than May 3rd, but in the meantime we will send you a code which will allow you to download the album immediately (no more waiting, this is the modern world, after all).

We are very proud of this album. It is pretty dense from a lyrical, musical and conceptual point of view. Like most of our music, it requires time and patience (which we know are rare commodities in this day and age). But if you’ve come this far with us, we figure that you are up for the challenge. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.

P.S. If you have missed the blogs about Renmin Park and its genesis, just enter “Renmin Park” in the “Junkies Blog Search” window to the right.