Notes Falling Slow – pre-order now!!

Our Notes Falling Slow box set is now available for pre-order. All pre-order box sets will be signed by the four of us and we will be mailing them out on October 12th in hopes of it getting to you before the official, Oct 30th release date. There will also be a digital version of the box set available on Oct 30th and we plan to eventually release it on vinyl (but that is a few months off).

This is a four CD box set made up of newly remastered versions of the three studio albums that we released in the 2000’s (Open, One Soul Now and At The End Of Paths Taken) and a fourth bonus disc that contains newly recorded songs that were written during the making of the three albums. There is also a 34 page booklet included with the box set.

The pre-order also offers some great bundles. You can buy Notes Falling Slow and add in one or both of our DVDs Open Road and Long Journey Home. Open Road was created while we toured the Open album. It contains over four hours of live concerts (full band and Margo and Michael acoustic performances), interviews and a behind the scenes documentary. The documentary was created from all of the photos and video that we shot while we were touring around the world. It is a true peak behind the scenes through the eyes of those who lived it. Long Journey Home is a full 5.1 HD concert DVD of a performance that we gave at the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall at the end of the One Soul Now tour. It’s beautifully shot and recorded and the band was firing on all cylinders. It also contains interviews with all the band members and some behind the scenes footage shot during sound check for the show.

This coming week we’ll be starting a new blog series called Words Falling Slow in which I will be writing about the creation/inspiration/history of various songs found on the box set…so please check back here or Like our Facebook page where we will be posting links to the blog.

We’re back on the road next month and will be adding tour dates throughout the coming year. Please check out the tour dates page every now and then to see if we are coming to your neck of the woods.