Music Is The Drug (the authorised biography)

The first authorised biography of the band (Music Is The Drug) is going to be published in early 2021, but we have copies for sale now in our webstore. Also, while supplies last, if you order the book now we will include the Music Is the Drug CD which is made up of live recordings from 2012, 2017, and 2018. This CD is currently only available with purchase of the book. 

The book, written by Dave Bowler, has been in the works for 15 years. During that time Dave has spent time with us on the road and in the studio, all the while recording hours of conversation with the four of us; as well as with long time crew members; family members; music biz collaborators; other musicians; audience members and anyone else who could give him a perspective on the bands music. Music Is The Drug is a deep dive into all our albums stretching from, Whites Off Earth Now!! to All That Reckoning, from the perspective of song writing, recording, artwork, life on the road, and surviving for 35 years in the music biz. And there are also lots of behind the scenes pictures!

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Happy shopping. Happy reading!