Lee Harvey Osmond – The Folk Sinner

We are very excited about an upcoming Latent Recordings release. Next Tuesday we will be releasing Lee Harvey Osmonds second album "The Folk Sinner". The album was produced and recorded by…me….so I may be biased, but it is a folkin' fine piece of work (get it?). It includes performances by many of Canada's musical luminati like Hawksley Workman, Oh Susanna, members of The Skydiggers and The Sadies and a beautiful duet with Margo. You can take a listen to the album for free at Exclaim.ca . And if you pre-order the album before next Tuesday you will get two free bonus tracks (including a very cool version of the Rolling Stones "Dear Doctor" featuring a duet with Mary Gauthier). So please support the burgeoning acid-folk movement and at the very least take a listen. Here is the first video from the album for the song Devil's Load. It is taken from the film "My Father And The Man In Black" which features some LHO music and a film score written and recorded by….me. Enjoy.