Happy Birthday Bruce

From our good friend Ron Wells…

On September 23, 1949,  there was a Devil in the swamps of Jersey, there was a darkness on the edge of town. People were burned by angels who sold wings of lead.

When out of nowhere a holy man whispered, “Hold on brothers, there’s a light up ahead.”
At this moment, God was drifting in heaven, when He looked down where the E Street boy Prophets were standing, waiting, looking handsome, but hot. When suddenly, from far up above, and heading towards the earth below, the sparks of life flew down upon E Street until there before one and all, stood a man who offered living proof that it’s all right, it’s all right, it’s all right.
The sights of the sun burst forth in musical notes, blinding all the onlookers with their light until, when everyone was finally able to see, there stood a giant of man who sang, “I believe in the hope that can save me, I believe in the faith that can raise me above these badlands.”
Quickly, the Devil took off, last seen heading for Nebraska, as Bruce Springsteen  held his guitar above his head like a sacred instrument and proclaimed that everyone must show a little faith, there’s magic in the night.
And out of nowhere, out of nothing, the Prophets became his band of brothers and sisters, bonded by blood, surrounding him, until he gave the charge, “No retreat, no surrender!”
The clarion call was heard  ‘round the world, there was dancing in the streets, for now there was a reason to believe that he had a little piece of the Lord’s undying light.
So off he sped, Scooter and the Big Man and the other Jersey Prophets right on his heals, while all the while the little pretties raised their hands, as Bruce and the Band headed for Promised Land by way of the land of hopes and dreams.
‘Cause his train, carried saints and sinners, his train carried losers and winners, and the magical, mystical, music of the spheres, was everyone’s for the taking. No longer was anyone afraid of the fears that were once so real.
For on that day, Bruce Frederick Springsteen, no hero, it’s understood, was born in the USA, born to run, as he led everyone, from mad men, drummers, bummers, Indians in the summer, to teenage diplomats, anyone around the world who cared to come along for the ride, to join him in song and search for their beautiful rewards.
For he had, indeed, brought living proof that dreams will not be thwarted, and faith will be rewarded.
Happy 61st birthday, Bruce.
Thanks for 35 years of songs, joy, and inspiration.