Demons Canadian Press reaction

The press reaction to Demons has been pretty spectacular so far; we couldn’t have hoped for a better reception. Here is a skewed sampling of some of the comments from the Canadian pundits:

“The result is a celebration of both the Junkies and Chesnutt and one of the year’s best albums.” 4.5 Stars, The National Post

“Margo Timmins’ clear enunciation and Michael Timmins’ polished guitar mesh well with Chesnutt’s rough and uneasy style, contrasting rather than mimicking it. Demons is a respectful and intent tribute,  …a great blend of two talented forces.” 4 Stars, eye weekly

“Cowboy Junkies strike all the right chords with a performance that breaks through any tragic irony. Margo Timmins’ voice soars towards the heavens and the music swings in celebration of Vic Chesnutt’s life.” No Depression

“Unsurprisingly, Chesnutt’s forlorn balladry dovetails seamlessly with the Cowboys’ hazy slow-burn and Margo Timmins’ sunset vocals. “ 4 Stars, Sun Media

“…few bands other than Cowboy Junkies possess the sensitivity required to do justice to Chesnutt’s music, and Demons is essentially the wake that any Chesnutt fan wishes they could have attended. It’s sometimes difficult to grasp what possesses artists to make tribute albums, but Demons is a tribute in the truest sense: an acknowledgment of gratitude and admiration.” exclaim!

Most people, Chesnutt included, work hard to exorcise their demons. But the Junkies have embraced these Demons with excellent results.” 4 Stars, Chartattack

“Twenty-five years down the road and the Cowboy Junkies are more vibrant than ever.”
Here Magazine

“Demons is a revelation that shows the quartet to be savvy interpreters of a difficult songwriter, Vic Chesnutt. The Junkies’ trump card is singer Margo Timmins, who never attempts to imitate Chesnutt’s strange phrasing or vocal tics. Instead, she highlights the classic elements.” Vancouver Province

“It is a stirring and intense collection of songs, an unforced collaboration that sounds natural and destined to be.” Quick Before It Melts