Cowboy Junkies in 2010

Hi everyone. I hope you all had a great Holiday Season and got through it relatively unscathed. We are back at work in our studio and working on a lot of new music. We have a grand plan to release four albums worth of music this year (ok…I’ve been thinking about this…maybe 18 months is a more realistic goal…edited on Feb 10). Crazy…to be sure…but what’s the point if you can’t be a little crazy once in a while. We hope to have the first disc in hand for the March shows. In any case we’ll be relying on you all to be checking in on the website to try and keep up with us. We will be letting you know a lot more details in the coming weeks as we figure it out for ourselves. We also have a full slate of shows scheduled for the Spring so make sure to check out the tour page.

We also want to say goodbye to our friend and collaborator, Vic Chesnutt, who died on Christmas Day. He was a unique and vibrant talent. We will miss his dry, self deprecating humour. He’s going to play havoc with those heavenly choirs.

Here is a little treat from Jeff Bird to kick off 2010: