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Music Is The Drug

The Authorised Biography of Cowboy Junkies

In 2004 we were contacted by some guy in England, Dave Bowler, who said that he wanted to write a book about us. We were creeping up on our 20th anniversary so we felt that now might be the right time to record our story, so we said yes. Well the book didn’t exactly materialize for the 20th anniversary, but we made a new friend in Dave Bowler and over several years he ended up tagging along on various North American and UK tours and showed up in the studio while we were working on different projects. All the while recording hours of conversations with the four of us; with long time crew members; family members; music biz collaborators; other musicians; audience members and anyone else who could give him a perspective on the bands music. Fifteen years later and just in time for our 35th anniversary, the book has materialized. It’s a deep dive into all our albums stretching from, Whites Off Earth Now!! to All That Reckoning, from the perspective of song writing, recording, artwork, life on the road, and surviving for 35 years in the music biz. And there are also lots of behind the scenes pictures!

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